Monday, 13 April 2015

Sell ​​Awnings Roll (Retractable Awning) Ready to Use

Greetings to you, we offer one of the main featured product that rolls awnings for protection at the same time enhancing accessories gorgeous houses, apartments, offices, garden / courtyard homes and commercial buildings such as office / shopping malls, outlets, boutiques, distribution, cafe or restaurant etc.

Awning rolls or popular in Europe as retractable awnings, canopy fabric is practical in use, can be set stretch into the future by rolling wear stick as the controller.

The material for construction or framework used is aluminum galvanized rust resistant, whereas we use a cloth to cloth imported USA's leading brands are SunMetro, Sunbrella & SA Recasen waterproof and not easily fade in color. Various colors and attractive patterns on the fabric are available for you to choose.

gives you control over a variety of weather conditions, during the scorching heat / rain or conditions where the weather is windy, you can practically set rolls or bentangannya by hand using a stick or using an electric motor (remote control).

Various colors and stripe patterns on fabric consists of a well-known brand (SA. Recasens & Sunbrella) quality of imported products available for you to choose. As for the frame material used is aluminum or galvanized material stainless.

Canopy fabric or cloth awnings also called is the right choice for you add value to the artistic beauty of the appearance of your building, other than its main function is to cover / protect the exterior of your building from direct sun light rays and tampias rainwater.

Various designs canopy / awning fabric we have mastered the technique pembuatannnya, canopy / awning with material quality material with plenty of choice of fabric colors and patterns and also design a variety to choose from for the needs of the commercial area / business and residential areas of your dwelling.

You intend to install Awnings Roll ?, what are you waiting messages immediately to the experts.

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