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Excellence Tent Membrane

Excellence Tent Membrane - There are several advantages of membrane tent structures / tension membrane and the following are some of the reasons why the tent membrane / membrane tension chosen as one of modern design alternatives: Tent Membrane SunMetro.

1. Design Flexible and estitica

tent structure membrane / membrane tension can provide or can be made virtually unlimited design with an elegant shape and unique characteristic that can be realized because of the characteristics of a flexible membrane tent tent membrane resulting structure provides an interesting and unique effect to any building owners, city or even state.

2. Material Translucent Sun

In the daytime, translucent membrane awning fabric sunlight provide diffused natural light tent space enclosed by membranes seemed to be like lights with soft, it can reduce the cost of lighting the interior while at night, artificial lighting creates a very ambient exterior circulation nice.

3. A very Good Durability

With some tents membrane / membrane tension different on the market today such as fiberglass PTFE, ETFE film, the PVC, and ePTFE, durability and longevity of the structure of the membrane tent has proven durability and long life, and can be built in a wide range of climates ranging from artic cold to scorching hot desert to the tropical climate.

4. Do not Need Much Frame Structure

Bending properties of the tent membrane / membrane tension does not need steel or iron frame structure that is too much to support the roof structure of the membrane tent compared to conventional building materials that allow a long stretch on the column steel structure. It also can be a solution of the costs incurred.

5. Low Maintenance

System tent membrane / membrane tension rather unique that on his way after a period of manufacture requires a highly lace treatments when compared with equivalent conventional building its size. Kerana treatment only requires washing the membrane tent roof membrane and membrane tension tightening checks

6. Efficiency Cost

Most of the tent structure membrane / membrane tension has high solar reflectivity and low absorption of sunlight, resulting in less energy used in buildings and ultimately reduce the cost of electrical energy needed to provide light to the building.

7. Type Flexibility

Tension Membrane Fluidity type match very Depending on the type of membrane material and the overall project design, system tent membrane / membrane tension is apt to meet various application requirements associated buildings. Type membrane flexibility is also very dependent on gramasi / weight of the membrane itself, began to 550 gsm, 650 gsm, 700 gsm, 750 gsm, 850 gsm, 900 gsm, 950 gsm, gsm 1100 and others. Gramasi membrane material depends on the brand and the membrane material made in the country of origin. China, Germany, France, Japan and Indonesia is one of the makers of the tent membrane.

8. Various Kinds of Membrane

Is it durable permanent structures that need to last longer than 20 years, the system tent membrane / membrane tension insulated for thermal performance, or a flexible deployable application, there are a variety of tent membrane / membrane tension can be selected to meet specific needs The next development project greater. Currently in Indonesia there are various type of brands that come in like-Heytex Germany, Ferrari France, Hiroaka Japan, China Iglo, Agtex Indonesia and others. Hargapun choice is varied because there's tent and the tent membrane membrane expensive. Membrane tent used for Carport membrane, membrane canopy, Gate Membrane and others
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